Bea Altman-Schevitz and Dr. Jeffrey Schevitz

We have learned to adapt our family matters, our professional life, our food and our healthy daily routines accordingly and still have a lot of fun together. Our life experiences, more than 35-years of marriage in Germany and our life in several countries enable us to understand the aims and problems of our clients.

Dr. Jeffrey Schevitz

Dr. Jeffrey Schevitz graduated from Princeton University (USA) and earned a doctorate in sociology / social psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. For many years he was a Professor at U.S. American and German universities. Beside receiving his professional education and certification in systemic family therapy with the Institute of Family Therapy Weinheim (Bergstrasse) he has finished an advanced training in psychology and diabetes with the German diabetes society (DDG).

Beatrice Altman-Schevitz

Beatrice Altman-Schevitz graduated from Syracuse University in New York. She studied at the universities of Heidelberg and Frankfurt, graduating with an M.S. in social work education.

Dr. Jeffrey Schevitz and Bea Altman-Schevitz have trained and counseled people with diabetes, while they set up the British subsidiary of Disetronic Medical Systems, the leading manufacturer of insulin pumps and pens. Bea Altman-Schevitz was a family advisor - educator with ("Familiy Advocacy Program") the U.S. armed forces in Germany.

Currently, she is a social worker for the city of Kaufbeuren. She is completing a professional education in systemic family therapy with the Institute of Family Therapy Weinheim.

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We support you in your efforts to adapt to changed circumstances.

Dr. Jeffrey Schevitz / Beatrice Altman-Schevitz